Welcome to Business by DEEsign

Join us in our Mighty Network

Who we are

We are a totally fabulous community of coaches (yes we ooze confidence and believe in ourselves .... in-between the odd crisis of confidence lol).  

We are passionate about coaching, personal and professional development & learning of all kinds.  And we welcome anyone who wants to level-up their game and take their learning to the next level ♥️🕺💪

Our fearless leader is Dee - she keeps us honest, challenged and motivated to achieve GREAT things.  She'll give you a kick in the ass when you need it and will have your back 3000%.

What you can expect

Our community has a very singular focus and that is to design, create and deliver learnings experiences that support coaches to build exceptional businesses.  We love using digital technologies to help achieve our goals - like online courses, membership sites (just like this one), webinars, online coaching and more. We have members from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience.  

Come ready to learn, share and be supported.

🚀 Expect to be inspired daily 

🚀 Expect to learn loads about running a coaching business

🚀 Expect to discover how to level-up your career, business & life

🚀 Expect to make friends and have laughs

🚀 Expect to give updates on your progress and share your lessons

🚀 Expect to be supported and receive tough-love when you need it

🚀 Expect to get exclusive access to Dee's many fabulous freebies

🚀 Expect to participate in structured & informative monthly challenges  

This Community is Perfect for You if ..

🏅You Take Your Goals Seriously but Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

You Invest in Yourself and Love Learning 🔠

🧠 You Believe Anything is Possible When You Put Your Mind To It

New Challenges Excite You 🤤

You Know Deep Down You Still Have Lots More to Achieve 💪

⏱You Are Naturally Competitive (and not totally against cheating under the right circumstances lol)

You Have a Track Record of Picking Yourself Up When Things Haven't Gone Your Way 🏃‍♀️

💯 You're a Bit of a Perfectionist and Have Been Known to Procrastinate Because Things Aren't Exactly How You Want Them to Be 

You Want To Be In a Position to Live Life to the Fullest and Experience Everything That Life Has to Offer 🎉

😁 You're Not Great at Taking Orders and Want To Be the Boss of Your Own Life

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

To show coaches that it IS possible to build a super successful business whilst staying 100% true to yourself and WITHOUT having to resort to unsavoury sales tactics or sell an organ to get if off the ground (life's too short for that)!